#301 What The “Michelin Method” Is & How You Can Use It To Land More Clients

Brian Ellwood
#301 What The “Michelin Method” Is & How You Can Use It To Land More Clients

Have you ever had a hunch that it takes more than just a Facebook Group, podcast, webinar, or an instagram account to get clients?

Well more than a hunch...more like a fact in your life?

Most coaching programs focus on the tools necessary to become a coach.

This would be like taking a cooking class and having the instructor talk about the type of pot or knife they are using (for the whole time).

Would that make sense?

There's more to getting clients in your coaching practice than just having a tool. The Michelin Method goes deeper than that - to the ingredients - which are required to scale to a six figure coaching practice.

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Are you a coach who has tried to land clients but it isn't working?

Have you already invested thousands into other programs with no luck?

It's time to discover the revolutionary "Michelin Method" to crushing it as an online coach.

You'll learn how to land your first high ticket clients AND why all the other coaching programs have failed you in the past.

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