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Jan 15, 2019

Out of all the objections I hear when it comes to buying rental properties…

The #1 biggest one is undoubtedly:

“I don’t have the money!”

It’s a big one, and sadly it holds a lot of people back…

Good people who would otherwise be able to grow their wealth and their freedom...

If only they had the money?

If only they didn’t believe the “I don’t have the money” STORY.

I’ve coached dozens of people, broke people, rich people, people in the middle.

People with all the resources and connections..

And people with absolutely nothing but determination.

Starting out with money and resources can give someone a boost…

But I know from experience that it’s definitely NOT a requirement.

In this email, I’m going to go over 3 different options you can use to buy rentals NOW…

Even if you don’t have any physical cash in the bank.


Option #1 - Seller Financing

Seller financing is awesome because it essentially lets you “create” the loan that works for you.

Imagine being the banker at a bank, and coming up with your own terms.

“Zero dollars down, 5% interest, payments don’t start for 3 months, seller pays closing costs”.

Sounds like a fantasy, right?

In the world of seller financing, it’s everyday business.

Seller financing means asking the SELLER of the property to finance it for you.

In other words, instead of them taking all their money now…

They get even more money, but spread over time.

If you don’t pay up…

They take the house back (so they’re protected, just like a bank would be).

If a seller wants 75K, you can literally say, “Alright I’ll give you 2K down and we’ll create a note for 73K, due in 10 years, 5% interest, amortized over 25 years”

Guess what?

Sometimes they say YES!

Which means..

You just got a rental…

For 2K!

You must learn seller financing.

It’s simply a tool you cannot live without.

Get confidence with it and you WILL grow your portfolio MUCH faster.


Option #2 - Private Lending

Private lending is a little understood but MASSIVE tool when it comes to accelerating your rental buying.

It’s basically just borrowing money from INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE who have money…

versus going through the banks (which, ironically, are lending you the money of individuals, wink wink).

It’s similar to seller financing in that the terms are looser and more negotiable…

Where banks are rigid and stuck to their guidelines and rules.

I found most of the lenders I use in my local REI group, just by asking “so who loans money?” and then having individual conversations with those people.

I’ve met guys with millions of dollars to loan this way.

Terms fluctuate from 6-12% interest, 3 months to 30 year terms…

No appraisals or inspections needed.

Private money is awesome.

You can always use PM to buy the house…

Then refinance with a bank later.


Option #3 - Cash Out Refi/HELOC

This option involves using equity in a home you already own

(Whether a personal property OR a rental)

A lot of people have this option available to them but they aren’t aware of it.

If you have some equity in a property you own…

To the point where if you were to refinance at, say, 70% of the current value….

You’d come away with some cash on top of that…

Then you should USE that cash to buy your next rental!

You’ll make more than it costs you.


100K house with a 50K loan on it…

Refinance at 70K (70% of the value)...

Come away with maybe 18K cash (after 2K in closing/origination costs)...

Use the 18K for the down payment(s) for your next couple rentals!

These are 3 ways that anyone can use to buy their next rental.

So, what’s stopping you now?



P.S. - I’m launching a super affordable group coaching program in about 3 weeks where I will hold the hands of a small group of people and walk them through the exact process I use to buy rentals…

If you’re interested, comment and let me know!

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