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3 Doors in 3 Months Via Seller Financing With Ryan Hill (Client Success Story)

Apr 30, 2020

Today I sat down and interviewed an ACTION TAKER.

This man has listened and taken advice just about better than anyone I know.

He has the confidence that he can figure things out.

He doesn't dwell on "what if" scenarios.

As a result, he's already bought his first 3 houses really quickly (and he did it with none of his own money too!)

Now he's seen the light - I'm excited to see how fast this man grows.

Ryan Hill is a guy I first met at Toastmasters in Denver.

After we got to know each other, I started coaching him on how to buy houses.

Now he's even working with me to help get more people into the investing game.

You should friend/follow this guy and track his progress - he's going to crush it!

Got questions for Ryan? Hit him up at:

[email protected]

Now, let's get into this amazing interview...


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