#297 Three Steps To Landing Your First Paid Coaching Clients

Brian Ellwood
#297 Three Steps To Landing Your First Paid Coaching Clients

If you want to cook a great meal, what matters more, the ingredients, or the pot you cook it in?

For many people trying to figure out the online education business, they are focused on the pot, not the ingredients.

The pot = things like starting a Facebook group, running paid ads, building your funnels, and creating LOADS of content

The ingredients = knowing who your ideal client is & what you do for them, creating an irresistible offer that sells, creating a program that gets the outcome.

Once you understand this analogy, and that the ingredients are where you must put your focus first, then you'll know how to get clients and grow your coaching business.

Tune into today's episode where I go into detail on the ingredients ;)

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Do you want to launch your coaching business and land your first few high paying clients? Have you tried just about everything else but nothing has worked?

It's likely that you are missing the #1 thing that holds many coaches back from getting a foothold, what I refer to as "Nailing Your Niche". There are a few key decisions that need to be made BEFORE you go out and try to grow an audience, build funnels, run ads, or purchase any training program that helps you with marketing and sales.

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On the call we will clear up the exact thing that has held you back from getting clients!


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