#292 How I (Mostly) Overcame Anxiety & Depression

Brian Ellwood
#292 How I (Mostly) Overcame Anxiety & Depression

In my 20's I started to experience anxiety and depression.

Some days I'd feel nervous or sad.

Other days I'd feel totally normal.

How is it possible that one day I feel fine, and the next I'm wrecked?

Luckily, I was recommended a book, which ended up (still to this day) being the most valuable book I've ever read.

I was able to apply what I learned and (mostly) reduce or remove those feelings of anxiety and depression.

Today I share my story and what I learned in the hope that it might help you too :)

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Are you a coach who has struggled with any of the following?

• clearly defining who your ideal client is
• clearly defining the specific outcome you create for them
• ensuring you have 100% confidence you can deliver the outcome
• packaging up your actual product to deliver the outcome (and provide you the lifestyle you want)

If so, then you need to watch the "Offer Creation Masterclass" where I unveil the 3 Secrets To Creating Your Offer.

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In the training, you will learn:

  1. Why unclear messaging is your enemy

  2. How confidence issues will ruin you

  3. How to avoid "marketing incest"

  4. Why most programs are a waste of $

If you are unclear on who you serve, what you do for them (or how it's all marketed, sold, and delivered) then this will be the most valuable training you've watched all year.

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