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#287 Why I Wish I Would Have Followed My Dreams Sooner

Aug 30, 2021
Brian Ellwood
#287 Why I Wish I Would Have Followed My Dreams Sooner

I used to think I had to hit a certain financial goal BEFORE I could follow my true dream (of being a teacher)...

It took me the better part of a decade to arrive at that imaginary finish line.

Then, I shifted gears to doing what I loved...

Only to find that I could earn a living doing that (and could have all along).

Now I often wonder what would have happened if I STARTED with doing what I loved...

And let the money follow me.

Many clients I work with are caught between their money making business and attempting to kickstart a passion business...

They want to do meaningful work but they can't shut down the money making business because they need the money.

This is understandable but often leads to "kicking the can down the road" inevitably (on doing what they really want to).

TODAY is the day to start chipping away at your passion business.

TODAY is the day to figure out how to make it make you enough money.

The impact you are here to make is important enough, and the time to go for it is now.

In today's episode I break down why you can go for your dreams now, and how to think about the "money issue" so you can set the passion biz up to be profitable, too.

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Are you a coach who has struggled with any of the following?

• clearly defining who your ideal client is
• clearly defining the specific outcome you create for them
• ensuring you have 100% confidence you can deliver the outcome
• packaging up your actual product to deliver the outcome (and provide you the lifestyle you want)

If so, then you need to watch the "Offer Creation Masterclass" where I unveil the 3 Secrets To Creating Your Offer.

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In the training, you will learn:

  1. Why unclear messaging is your enemy

  2. How confidence issues will ruin you

  3. How to avoid "marketing incest"

  4. Why most programs are a waste of $

If you are unclear on who you serve, what you do for them (or how it's all marketed, sold, and delivered) then this will be the most valuable training you've watched all year.

Watch the Offer Creation Masterclass now at:

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