"2 Shifts You Need To Make To Get Deals In 2020" (FB Live Re-cast)

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2020

Most investors I know are sitting on the sidelines complaining that they can't find any good deals right now..

Meanwhile, my clients and I are taking down deals regularly.


All by implementing these "2 Shifts" that nobody else is doing.

If you ignore these shifts, you may be doomed to sit on the sidelines and pray for a market correction

This is a re-cast from a live stream I did inside our private Facebook Group "12 Houses to Freedom"

I go live once a week teaching valuable strategies you need to be using if you want to create freedom for yourself and your family.

Join the group here and you won't miss another training again:


It's the best place to ask me questions and connect with other players.

See you there -


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