Hi, my name is Brian. I was born in South Carolina, but spent most of my years growing up in Tennessee. In 2007, I graduated from the University of Tennessee. After a stint in the corporate world, I started my own business flipping houses and buying rental properties. After systematizing the business to run without my physical presence, I tested that theory by moving to Colorado, where I currently live. Our business in TN still thrives today, doing over 70 fix and flips per year and owning/managing dozens of rentals. 

In the process of building this business, I discovered that learning and teaching are my two passions. I decided that if I could do those two everyday, I’d be in paradise. This website and my coaching business are the vehicle for those desires.

Specifically, I love teaching  strategies that help others start/grow their businesses, make more money, and most importantly: Create a day-to-day lifestyle that looks the way they actually want it to!

I hate seeing people that I love trapped - clinging to conventional wisdom that is constantly reinforced by naysayers. There is always a better way to live. I don’t claim to know everything. I am an eternal student. I’m here to go on this journey with you and share everything I do know.  As a business partner, teacher, and a friend. Let’s figure out the best strategies for achieving our desired lifestyles, and then go out and make it happen. 

Thanks for stopping by!