Have You Picked Your Market Yet? (Free Best Markets Report Inside!)


I talk to a lot of new investors who are hanging out and learning about investing.

They often ask a lot of questions about finding deals, analyzing deals, and finding the money.

I’ll reply with “have you picked your market yet?”

Often they either haven’t considered this question, or they are planning on investing in a market where the #’s don’t even work (at least in this crazy day of age we call 2019).

Everything HINGES upon you picking a good market to invest in.

It’s like picking a stock that people haven’t discovered yet (so you can make a ton of money)…

You want to find a city where the #’s look good for cashflow….

AND the city is poised for rapid growth and appreciation.

You want to find the next Nashville, Portland, Austin, or Denver.

A city that’s getting “cool” but isn’t quite that cool yet :)

Meaning prices are still CHEAP.

There’s also a handful of other REALLY IMPORTANT criteria to check off BEFORE you go into a market.

No need to worry though - I’ve written a report that goes over the criteria you need to look for, AND includes what I think are 10 really great cashflow markets right now.

You can grab that for free at the link below:


Once you’ve narrowed your decision down to a couple markets, feel free to post in our free Facebook group if you want me to take a look at the markets you’re considering. Do that here:


Picking your market is the first step because once you do, then you build your team within that market, find lenders who lend in that market, find deals in that market, learn the neighborhoods, and so on. You can’t do any of the next steps if you don’t know where you will invest.

Good luck making this big decision! It feels heavy but I promise you there’s investors killing it in hundreds of cities all over the U.S. Don’t take more than a few weeks to make this decision so you can get down to investing!

To you freedom,