How To Create Passive Income Even With Expensive Houses That Have No Equity! - With Joe McCall

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Joe McCall

Joe McCall was the first coach I ever hired, the one who gave me a single piece of advice that went on to TRIPLE my business. 

He's the podcaster I listened to when I was still working a job...the guy who made me believe real estate was possible for me. 

Today I got to sit down and interview him about what coaching for all these years has been like for him...

We also dug into his favorite strategy in todays market....LEASE OPTIONS!

Joe gives a simple, easy-to-understand description of how a lease option works....and I have to say, I was impressed by the strategy.

If you are interested in a new way to make passive income...

OR if you might even be interested in being a coach...

Then this is an episode you DO NOT want to miss.

It will fire you up, hold you accountable, and get you ready to take action. 

Make sure to grab your FREE copy of Joe's book on how to wholesale lease options at: