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Do You Know The “Price Tag” On Your Ideal Lifestyle?


Do you know the "Price Tag" on your Perfect Day?

In other words - the lifestyle you really want to live - how much does it cost, exactly?

Knowing your target makes all the difference.

Most people's ideal lifestyle doesn't cost NEAR what they think it does.

Do you associate being rich with Lamborghini's and mansions?

It's ok if you do - it's kind of a subconscious thing we're all guilty of.

Here's the funny thing....

When I sit people down and really DIG...

To find out what their ideal lifestyle is like...

Almost NEVER does it involve Lamborghini's and mansions!

People just want to have their days free...

To spend with family and friends...

To pursue hobbies and passions...

To take better care of themselves.

The kicker is this: That lifestyle DOESN'T COST THAT MUCH.

The minimum amount you'd need to quit your job and do what you love is probably FAR LESS than you might imagine...

If you'll only sit down and really calculate it.

My number is less than 100K/year…

To life a lifestyle I truly LOVE!

What's your "number"?


How To Stay Motivated All The Time...Without Having To Watch Tony Robbins Every Morning!


Hey guys - did a Facebook live in our group a few weeks ago about how to create SUSTAINED motivation.

This is key, because YOU are your biggest chance of success.

Waking up and having to watch Jim Rohn and do jumping jacks and scream in the mirror sucks.

Why can’t we always just BE MOTIVATED?

Well, I learned something recently that I believe is the answer to that.

Check it out here:


After watching, comment with your thoughts!


Almost Getting Chewed Up By A Pit Bull For $1,000


Did you guys know that the first wholesale deal I ever did...

The tenant in the house INSISTED I go get him Burger King breakfast...

Before I could get in the house to take pictures...

To hopefully sell the deal to my mentor?

I left the house, dejected, and drove to Burger King...

Spend some of the little money I had on the "full spread" he demanded.

Got back to the house, holding a tray of orange juice and coffee.

Bag of sausage biscuits and hashbrowns.

There was a pit bull chained in the front yard, barking his ass off at me.

His chain stopped before the door...

But I had to run down the edge of the yard first...

To get to the area where he couldn't reach me!

So I juked right..

Faked him out a bit...

Then sprinted down the other side of the yard...

Hurdling just out of his reach (think of the football move where the runner kinda hurdles so the defender can't grab his legs as he reaches the end zone!)

All the while making sure not to spill Your Honor, Mr. Tenant's OJ or coffee.

I reach the front door, and he grabs the food and reluctantly lets me in.

I quickly take some terrible pictures and leave.

My mentor, the guy who was gonna buy the deal, looks at the pics and says...

"Eh, I don't really need these, that house is a teardown anyways"

WTF!! Do you realize what I just went through to get these?!?

It was only a “birddog” deal too, and I made a finders fee of 1K (but hey I wasn’t complaining).

I have a lot of goofy stories to share about my days as an investor.

Who else has a funny story to share?


Would You Want To Be Coached By Me (For Less Than The Cost Of Your Cell Phone Bill)?


When I first got started in real estate


It seemed like every single thing I did created 3 new questions…

And there I was again, confused on what to do next.

It REALLY halted my progress.

How did I solve that problem?

Well, by bugging people, to be honest.

I would call or text different investors I knew all day…

“Hey man, got a quick question”

“Hey man, can you look at this deal for me?”

“Hey, uh, is 50K a good amount to offer on this deal?”

I could tell I was being annoying, but I was really desperate to succeed, so I kept doing it.

In hindsight, I wish I would have just had someone to make a formal agreement with…

Where they would agree to help me with any question I had, whenever I needed it…

They would look over my shoulder, and make sure I didn’t make any stupid mistakes when buying houses...

And I would do a little something to help them out too.

That’s why I created our coaching group, “Freedom Artists”...

(Named that because we are creating our life of freedom together)

So you can have access to me whenever you need…

And get coached by me twice a week in a group…

For less than the price of your cell phone bill each month...

And also get a ton of cool bonuses just for checking it out!

If you’re interested, click this link below to learn what the “Freedom Artists” group is all about:


I hope to see you on the inside!


One Reason You Might Have FLEETING Motivation


Last week I was in Phoenix at Brendon Burchard’s “High Performance Academy”.

It’s a seminar where we learned all about how to consistently perform at high levels over the LONG RUN.

(If you haven’t been to that event, you NEED to go. It was amazing and permanently life changing. It’s not that expensive either.)

One thing he said really stuck with me:

“Lack of attention leads to fleeting motivation”

In other words, the inability to focus in on just a handful of things….

Leads to a loss of motivation to do ANYTHING.

This means that if you sit down to work…

Unsure of exactly what you need to do that day to move the needle…

You’ll end up scattered..

All over the place…

Checking email frantically…

Just sort of bouncing around and hoping that gold will fall out of the sky and solve all your problems.

If that goes on for too long, guess what happens?

You start to lose motivation to even continue.

Which is understable, because why would you?

Who wants to remain in a state of scattered attention, confusion…

And not being productive?  

Social media makes the problem a lot worse.

It is built to ENCOURAGE short, fleeting attention.

Which, again, has been linked with low motivation.

Guys, it’s not OK to fall into this trap of being distracted all the time…

Of being addicted to our phones and social media.

The implications are HUGE when you realize that your MOTIVATION is at stake.

Your motivation to change your life and the lives of others.

On the flip side, if you can cultivate DISCIPLINE…

And learn to focus on just a couple things each day…

And always only ONE thing at a time (with full presence, and to completion)...

You will BE a high performer.

You will get all that you want.

You will get way more done than others.

You will get way more gratification and satisfaction out of your work.

The best part?

Your motivation won’t be fleeting. It will be sustained.


And momentum comes from progress.

So, get after it!

And stay focused.

I’ll see you soon…


P.S. - If you haven’t already, go here to access my FREE COURSE, where I teach you exactly how to get the money for your next rental property:


The #1 Secret To Great Marketing


When I decided to become a coach/educator/digital marketer guy…

I thought “Maaannnn, this is gonna be easy”.

“Social media, the digital age, it makes marketing so much easier”

First thing I did was write a book.

Tossed it up for sale in a book funnel and on Amazon…

Then I said, cool, I have a book, what’s next?

Then I started a podcast.

Because, all the digital marketer guys have podcasts.

Obviously this podcast is gonna blow up and I’m gonna make millions and help people and stuff.

Got the podcast up, started doing once a week episodes.

Then I said, what’s next?

Well, all successful dudes have Facebook groups, it’s the thing to do.

So, I started a Facebook Group

(Which you can join here by the way: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12housestofreedom/)

Started posting occasionally in there, did a few Facebook lives.

Thought to myself “This is gonna be HUGE!”

Then I thought “What’s next?”

Started email marketing (Which is what you’re reading right now!)

Started a Youtube channel….

Started a website...

Half-ass posted a few things on Instagram and Twitter…

Even spent time in some forums and on Reddit.

Then one day I looked up and thought to myself…..

“I have all these things. Why aren’t I doing better?”

I wasn’t really getting any LEADS from any of the marketing channels.

That’s when I realized I had gone about this ALL WRONG.

Instead of picking 1 or 2 things to become really great at

I had a bunch of spinning plates that were producing next to nothing.

Then I thought back to my time as an aggressive real estate marketer…

Looking for deals.

Now, for that type of marketing, you gotta spend some money.

It’s not like all the free, organic, online platforms I use in the education business.

So I was less motivated to “spin up a bunch of plates” back then.

I also heard Sean Terry say “Go deep before you go wide” on his podcast.

So we decided to “go deep” into direct mail.

We REALLY geeked out on it.

We studied buyer behavior, interviewed buyers, built dozens of lists, studied copywriting, tracked, tested, tried out dozens of different mail pieces and calls to action…

We mastered direct mail…

All BEFORE we moved onto PPC, Cold Calling, Bandit Signs, Radio Ads, etc etc….

The result?

We were doing over 1M+ per year (on direct mail alone!)

That’s how good we were.

Here’s the takeaway:

There’s so much room for improvement in every marketing channel you have going for you right now.

Higher ROI doesn’t exist in the NEXT marketing channel…

It exists in making your existing marketing channels BETTER.

Become a master and you can have all that you want.


How To Decide If You Should Say YES To A New Opportunity


Are you constantly bombarded with new opportunities?

Suffering from the ole’ Shiny Object Syndrome a bit?

Find yourself switching from one thing to the next (and the next and the next)?

One second you decide to become an entrepreneur….

2 months later you get a job offer to go work for someone again.

3 months after that, someone comes to you wanting to partner with you on something….

On and on it goes.

I see people getting “jerked around” by opportunities all the time.

I even know a guy whose motto is “When in doubt say YES”.

He says yes to everything.

Guess what?

His results are weak. His efforts are diluted.

He’s doing a lot of different things…

But not making any meaningful progress…

Not moving forward at all towards his REAL goals.

Being busy DOES NOT equal being productive.

It can FEEL productive…

But it’s not.

What if I told you that there is a timeless, FOOLPROOF method…

To always decide if an opportunity is right for you?

What if I told you that, when you learn it…

Making this decision is easy…

In fact, it’s INSTANT!

Is this something you would want to learn?

Read on.

When I hired Kent Clothier to be my coach years ago…

The one thing he kept droning on and on about was my “Perfect Day”.

He said that everything I did from now on only had one purpose…

To move me towards my perfect day.

My “Perfect Day” was an analogy for the exact day-to-day lifestyle I wanted to be living.

Which activities would move me towards living that day more and more authentically…

And which activities would either not move me at all…

Or even move me in the OPPOSITE direction?

After resisting his advice for a couple months…

I finally caved and accepted his view point.

Something snapped in me and I understood the value in what he was trying to show me.

He was simply trying to show e that they only thing that mattered…

Was for me to move towards living the life I truly wanted to live…

A little more every single day.

So when I woke up in the morning, I actually read my perfect day right away.

I asked myself “What can I do today, to move me towards living my perfect day?”

“What’s the fastest and easiest path for me to get to that exact lifestyle?”

I asked that question over and over…

And I did what I believed would get me there.

Now, understand this…

My answers to the question weren’t always RIGHT.

Sometimes I misjudged opportunities and I made backwards progress.

But, by having that Perfect Day as my focal point…

And by asking the question over and over…

I got pretty damn good at GUESSING (because your plan is always little more than a good guess)...

Which activities were going to move me in the right direction.

After doing this for about 3 years…

I woke up one day and realized I had arrived.

I had freedom to do what I pleased each day...

I had a business that educated/helped others...

I had enough passive income to cover my bills...

I had good relationships and health…

And so on.

And believe me…

I used to have shiny object syndrome SO Bad…

That I am the least likely success story.

It took me focusing in on this ONE THING (My Perfect Day)...

To finally get traction…

Make meaningful progress…

And make the decision of “WHAT TO DO”...


So, as any good coach would do…

I’m now going to reflect the question back to you…

(And I want you to reply to this email with your answer)

The next time you are considering an opportunity, a path, or an idea…

How will YOU decide what to do?


P.S. - Get good at saying NO :)

If You Suck At Delegating, Read This...


Want to know what the ONE THING all my clients/students have in common?

That one thing is MAJORLY holding many of them back.

It used to hold me back, too. Bigtime.

Here’s the story...

When I first got started in real estate, I was a one-man show.

I did literally everything in the business.

Even when I found an amazing 50/50 business partner and we split everything up, we STILL didn’t have enough time in the day to do everything we wanted to do.

Our revenue hit a ceiling as well, and stayed in pretty much the exact same spot for 2 or so years!

(even though we were working our asses off)

Fed up, we broke down and hired a coach. We needed a fresh perspective because what we were doing was NOT working.

Our coach took one look at our business, scratched his head, and asked:

“So, why are you guys doing everything yourselves?”

To be honest, we didn’t have a good answer. It’s how we’d always done it.

He said “Guys, you NEED to start delegating and replacing yourselves in your business!”

We were very resistant to his advice.

We had never hired anyone before. We didn’t know who we could trust.

Plus, we were certain that NO ONE could do the job as good as we could.

But, since we were paying good money for our coach, we took his advice.

The first person we hired was an acquisition manager.

We posted an ad on Craigslist, got candidates, nervously did the interviews, and hired a guy.

Once hired, we sent all the calls to his cell phone. He went on appointments, made offers, followed up.

He even did transaction coordination and helped analyze leads.

The outcome?

We literally had close to 50% of our time back, almost immediately.

(Our revenue also EXPLODED because he was getting so many contracts signed)

So we kept hiring. We hired an office manager, a marketing manager, a virtual assistant, a lead manager.

We eventually got to 10 EMPLOYEES!

That’s when we were able to scale our business to 100+ deals per year and really start churning.

Everytime I ask myself how we did that, I always go back to that one moment.

The moment we made the decision to hire our first employee (the acquisition manager).

It wasn’t just the fact that he was a badass that changed things for us.

It was the MINDSET shift that occurred in us once we saw the results it brought us.

How much time we had back.

How much more fun we had.

How much more money we made.

Since that moment, I’ve never lost my “delegation muscle”.

I simply can’t un-see what I’ve seen.

I know that learning to get results through other people is how you succeed in ANY business.

So, back to my clients/students/people I often talk to…

A big thing I notice is that they HAVE NOT yet had this mindset shift.

They are a one-man show, sitting in room with a huge pile of papers..

Frantically clinging to everything.


But scared to trust someone else to help them out.

Most of these guys are rockstars too. Absolute badasses. Hard workers. Destined for success.

The thing that’s holding them back is the ability to LET GO.

You gotta let go to grow.

You have to figure out how to find good people, delegate to them, trust them.

That’s how you  succeed as an entrepreneur.

And have a lot more fun doing it.

Want to chat about how you can better delegate in your business?

Use this link to book a call:


Look forward to it!


What The Real Estate Investing Industry Isn’t Telling You


I’m about to share with you one of the most obvious yet overlooked and not-spoken-about truths in the world of real estate investing.

Truth #1 - Flipping/wholesaling houses is a JOB.

Yes, you’re not sitting in a cubicle, so it’s better.

But it’s still a job you have to show up to everyday. You have to do lots of different activities to make those types of businesses successful.

Marketing, sales, finances, operations, project/rehab management, disposition, transaction coordination, office management, etc...

Then everyone says “But Brian, I’m going to automate my flipping/wholesaling business so I can step out of it”.

First of all, I wonder why they want to step out of it. “I thought you were passionate about it?”

(wink wink, we’ll save that for another time)

But I say to them instead: “So who’s going to manage your people once it’s automated? They aren’t robots or software. They are human beings, who need to be managed, to be led.”

That’s usually when we have a “Hmmm…” dead-end kind of moment in the conversation.

At our biggest, my company had 10 employees.

I was the CEO. I had stepped out of every single other role in the company. I didn’t do any of the actual “day to day” type work. I was only the leader.

My business was “fully automated”, the way many people imagine it could be for them.

What did that mean for me?

Well, it meant that I got up every day and looked at my calendar, to see that I had 3-4 one hour conference calls that day with my team members, followed by reviewing spreadsheets, P&L’s, KPI’s, holding team members accountable to their duties, etc.

Oh, and I also had to do that part where I come up with the vision for the entire company, where we’re going and what we’re doing.

That thing.

It’s like being the captain of the ship.

It was the hardest job in the whole friggin’ company!

And yes, technically, you COULD hire a CEO to run your company, but you have to give them full control of the company (visionary control included).

You would just be a shareholder at that point.

You’d also need to pay someone really good money to do that job (six figures or more), so you better be able to afford that, and still be profitable on top of it.

So I want you to know that no matter how amazing you make your flipping/wholesaling business, it’s going to be a source of ACTIVE income for you.

It’s a job that you have created for yourself. It will require a lot of your time and energy to sustain.

On the flipside, (pun intended), flipping/wholesaling is a much faster way to make larger chunks of income than you could make buying up rentals.

If your goal is to quit your job ASAP, it would be more effective than the rental game (although you should absolutely still buy rentals).

But you do need to ask yourself if flipping is something you even want to do, and if you would enjoy.

Ok, on to truth #2…….

Truth #2 - Buying Rentals Is A “Retirement” Plan

Yes, owning a rental portfolio is also a business. It’s not 100% passive, like buying stocks. There’s always going to be 1 or 2 things you have to deal with here and there.

So let’s get that out of the way.

But if you do it the way I do, it’s 98% passive. This involves putting a person in place for every part of it.

Like an admin assistant to handle things like renewing the LLC, paying bills, getting loans closed with the banks, signing closing docs, organizing documents like HUD’s, statements, tax stuff, etc.

Oh, and a project manager to manage those rent-ready rehabs (you know, the 10K carpet and paint stuff that’s easy but still needs someone to oversee it).

And a few other roles, not in-house employees, but roles that guarantee your portfolio will both perform and be passive.

If you set it up that way, it’s largely passive and doesn’t require much work or cause many headaches at all.

Let’s talk about the income part….

Rental properties are much more passive than flipping, but they are NOT going to replace your income overnight.

Rental properties are a mid-term game. I could say “long-term” but I don’t think it takes that long.

For example...

I have a close friend who started buying rentals just one year ago after learning from me. He’s got 5 now and not only does he make 15K/year in passive income (that he didn’t have before).

He also has about 100K in equity in his small portfolio, which adds to his net worth.

All of that, in one year! That’s why I don’t call it a long-term game.

15K/year isn’t enough for him to live on, but it’s already making a difference in his life. That’s my point.

I think most people who have reasonably affordable lifestyles can quit their jobs and live on the income from their rental portfolios, in 5 years or less.

I know that’s a bold statement but I believe it.

I’m not talking about making loads of money. I’m talking about having 40-50K/year in passive income coming in. Enough to pay your bills.

What other retirement plan preaches “Retire in 5 years or less?”

I haven’t heard of one.

So regardless of what you do for a living (flipping, wholesaling, sitting in a cubicle, driving for Uber), you MUST be building your rental portfolio.

It’s how you raise your safety net. It’s how you “guarantee” retirement, even if you never make that business idea work out, even if you decide to stay at your job for a while.

There’s definitely some overlap here as well. You can find deals from your wholesaling/flipping efforts to keep as rentals. That’s a lot of work just to find a good rental deal if you ask me, but you can do it.

Also, you might pick a rental you own to renovate and sell to make some money (maybe it’s in an area that has appreciated a lot and ARV’s are high), and then reinvest those earnings back into more rentals.

But, I hope that if you were still a bit unclear on the difference between the two, and which one was for you, that this has cleared things up for you a bit.

If you’d like to discuss your real estate investing (and lifestyle) goals with me a bit more, I do free 15 minute chats, which you can book using the link below:


Look forward to speaking with you!


Group Coaching...Yay Or Nay???


Hey guys - I’m putting the finishing touches on an amazing new offer that’s launching in 1 week!

I’m going to be offering VERY AFFORDABLE, regular, twice-a-week group coaching to a small group of people.

The goal will be to take those people by the hand and walk them through my exact process, on how I retired through buying rental properties.

I want to make sure this offer is AMAZING and leaves NOTHING out. I want to guarantee that the participants “graduate”, meaning they end up with at least ONE cash flowing rental property (and the knowledge of how to repeat the process) during 2019.

So, can you tell me what you would want this program to include so that it was really awesome and delivers on all levels?

Thanks so much!


3 Things To Do If You “Don’t Have The Money” For Rental Properties


Out of all the objections I hear when it comes to buying rental properties…

The #1 biggest one is undoubtedly:

“I don’t have the money!”

It’s a big one, and sadly it holds a lot of people back…

Good people who would otherwise be able to grow their wealth and their freedom...

If only they had the money?

If only they didn’t believe the “I don’t have the money” STORY.

I’ve coached dozens of people, broke people, rich people, people in the middle.

People with all the resources and connections..

And people with absolutely nothing but determination.

Starting out with money and resources can give someone a boost…

But I know from experience that it’s definitely NOT a requirement.

In this email, I’m going to go over 3 different options you can use to buy rentals NOW…

Even if you don’t have any physical cash in the bank.

Option #1 - Seller Financing

Seller financing is awesome because it essentially lets you “create” the loan that works for you.

Imagine being the banker at a bank, and coming up with your own terms.

“Zero dollars down, 5% interest, payments don’t start for 3 months, seller pays closing costs”.

Sounds like a fantasy, right?

In the world of seller financing, it’s everyday business.

Seller financing means asking the SELLER of the property to finance it for you.

In other words, instead of them taking all their money now…

They get even more money, but spread over time.

If you don’t pay up…

They take the house back (so they’re protected, just like a bank would be).

If a seller wants 75K, you can literally say, “Alright I’ll give you 2K down and we’ll create a note for 73K, due in 10 years, 5% interest, amortized over 25 years”

Guess what?

Sometimes they say YES!

Which means..

You just got a rental…

For 2K!

You must learn seller financing.

It’s simply a tool you cannot live without.

Get confidence with it and you WILL grow your portfolio MUCH faster.

Option #2 - Private Lending

Private lending is a little understood but MASSIVE tool when it comes to accelerating your rental buying.

It’s basically just borrowing money from INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE who have money…

versus going through the banks (which, ironically, are lending you the money of individuals, wink wink).

It’s similar to seller financing in that the terms are looser and more negotiable…

Where banks are rigid and stuck to their guidelines and rules.

I found most of the lenders I use in my local REI group, just by asking “so who loans money?” and then having individual conversations with those people.

I’ve met guys with millions of dollars to loan this way.

Terms fluctuate from 6-12% interest, 3 months to 30 year terms…

No appraisals or inspections needed.

Private money is awesome.

You can always use PM to buy the house…

Then refinance with a bank later.

Option #3 - Cash Out Refi/HELOC

This option involves using equity in a home you already own

(Whether a personal property OR a rental)

A lot of people have this option available to them but they aren’t aware of it.

If you have some equity in a property you own…

To the point where if you were to refinance at, say, 70% of the current value….

You’d come away with some cash on top of that…

Then you should USE that cash to buy your next rental!

You’ll make more than it costs you.


100K house with a 50K loan on it…

Refinance at 70K (70% of the value)...

Come away with maybe 18K cash (after 2K in closing/origination costs)...

Use the 18K for the down payment(s) for your next couple rentals!

These are 3 ways that anyone can use to buy their next rental.

So, what’s stopping you now?


P.S. - I’m launching a super affordable group coaching program in about 3 weeks where I will hold the hands of a small group of people and walk them through the exact process I use to buy rentals…

If you’re interested, comment and let me know!

Why Wholesaling Is A Flawed Business Model


There I was, in the bathroom of the grocery store.

Door locked.

Apron on.

Hiding from my job as the “produce guy”...

And quickly reading another chapter of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Who else has read this book?

It BLEW ME AWAY the first time I read it.

I realized it was my ticket out…

My solution to the problem I’d always had.


(That’s why I justified taking so many “bathroom breaks” at my grocery store job)

I knew that the sooner I could read (and implement) what was in that book…

The sooner I’d be free.

Naturally, I saw real estate investing as my solution.

Even non-investors know that the easiest and most passive income...

comes from rental properties.

So I attended my first “REI” meeting and declared my goals.

The seasoned investors in the group said “So you want to be an investor, but you work at a grocery store and have no money?”


“You ought to start out wholesaling. That’s the cheapest and easiest way for a beginner to get started with little to no risk”

Naturally, I took their advice. I was a newbie and would do anything I was told.

I decided to keep my goal of buying rentals “long term”.

After about another year of being a “bird dog” and finding deals for small finders fees, I did my first wholesale deal on my own.

I was hooked, and I quit my grocery store job for good.

Over the next 3 years, I got a foot-hold in the wholesaling business.

I scaled our revenue, hired employees, and systemized.

All the stuff I was told to do.

But something was bugging me.

I kept thinking back to reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the bathroom of that grocery store...

And creating the goal of PASSIVE INCOME for myself...

So that I could STOP trading time for dollars.

Here I was, 4 years later, doing all this “real estate investing stuff”...

STILL trading time for dollars...

Literally no closer to my goal than I had been at the grocery store!

I was FED UP.

I was tired of meetings, management, stressing about our marketing and sales processes…

I wanted some space, some actual freedom….

To do what I actually wanted, for once!

That’s when I put my foot down.

I decided that the primary focus of my business would be to generate passive income.

I decided to stop delaying my dreams.

Magically, when I made that shift inside of me….

I started looking at deals in a different light.

“How can I keep this, versus wholesale it?”

I started to get creative when it came to finding funding for deals.

Naturally, when I dug in, I discovered all kinds of options…

That had been right under my nose all along.

It was that shift in my INTENT that changed everything for me.

Within about 3 years, i had acquired enough rental properties…

To 100% pay all of my bills.

And what did I do then?

Well, I decided to shut down the wholesaling business FOR GOOD.

So many people get into real estate because they have dreams of passive income…

Meaning FREEDOM.

Yet, when the pull back the hood, they discover ALL TYPES of options within the RE investing world.

It’s intense, and shiny object syndrome is a real problem.

(Ask me how I know)

Looking back, if I could do it all over again…

I would have skipped wholesaling and flipping (did I mention that we did that too?) all together…

And went DIRECTLY towards my goal.

I understand you may believe that it isn’t possible for you.

You have a story you’re telling yourself (and believing).

It probably goes something like this:

“I’ll buy rentals when I have the money”

“My market is too expensive”

“I don’t want to deal with tenants”

Etc, etc, etc.

I can promise you, right here in this moment, that all of those stories are BULLSHIT.

No offense, I believed them too, for years.

I’m writing this email to SAVE YOU those years…

So that you can get straight to what you really want…



P.S. - I’m launching a super affordable group coaching program in about 3 weeks where I will hold the hands of a small group of people and walk them through the exact process I use to buy rentals…

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Happy New Year (And A 3 Step Framework To Crush Your 2019 Goals…)


So I always think it’s hilarious how packed my gym gets in January. All these people with high hopes that “this will be the year” they actually stick to their goals.

We all know that most of them won’t. History has proven it.

But, there IS a way to make those goals SOLIDIFIED. So deeply emotionalized that there’s no possible way you will “fall off” like everyone else.

Danny and I did a Facebook Live on this recently…

Where we share the 3 step framework to CRUSH your 2019 goals.


(If you aren’t yet in our 12 Houses to Freedom FB group, you’ll need to join to see the video. Don’t worry, it’s free!)

Happy New Year!


P.S. - Something BIG is on the horizon (coming in late January) that you guys are gonna love...if you’ve ever wanted to work with us more closely, now is your chance to do that for pennies on the dollar. Stay tuned :)