#303 The #1 Ingredient Required To Hit 6 Figures = Client Clarity

Brian Ellwood
#303 The #1 Ingredient Required To Hit 6 Figures = Client Clarity

If you've tried everything to grow your coaching business to the 6 figure mark...

Yet, getting more clients feels like pulling teeth...

It could be because you lack "client clarity".

This goes deeper than just knowing who you serve (that's level one)...

In the video I explain why.

If you want to grow your coaching business to six figures per year, start here.

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Are you a coach stuck around the 5K/month mark?
Have you already invested thousands into other programs that teach you strategies to "get clients" with little results?

This was my story, too. In fact, I've invested multiple six figures to try and figure out the "secret" to growing my coaching business.

It turns out, it had nothing to do with learning the strategies, like cold DM'ing, growing a Facebook Group, or creating a fancy webinar.

Just like a fancy pot can't cook you a great meal without the best ingredients, a Facebook Group won't just deliver you clients.

Otherwise everyone who has one would be successful.

What I discovered - the revolutionary "Michelin Method" - is the missing piece to help coaches bridge the gap between 5K/month and 30K/month.

If this is you, then take a few minutes to watch the short training I've put together. It will be the best time you've spent on your business this year. (and it's free).

Click the link down below and get instant access to the Michelin Method training for free:

In the training, you will learn the 4 "ingredients" that all six figure coaches have in their businesses. This is the stuff that isn't taught in most programs on how to get clients. This is the reason many of those programs fail.

I invested multiple six figures to learn this stuff in person from the gurus like Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, and Dean Graziosi. I'm giving it all away to you here, for free:


If you are a coach making 5K/month and you want to catapult into the 10-30K range, this is the training to take you there.


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