#296 How To Get Back An Extra 1-2 Hours Per Day (To Put Towards Your Coaching Business)

the aligned coach podcast Nov 05, 2021
Brian Ellwood
#296 How To Get Back An Extra 1-2 Hours Per Day (To Put Towards Your Coaching Business)

A lot of days, it feels like I'm trying to squeeze 100 pounds of shit into a 50 pound bag.

In other words, there are more things I want to get done than I have time for. A lot more.

We are all strapped for time. It's our most precious and most limited resource. For many of my clients, they come to me wanting to start or grow their coaching business but they don't have more than a few hours per week to apply towards it.

The first thing we work on is getting A LOT more of their time back so they can put way more effort towards their business, causing it to grow a lot faster and allowing them, in many cases, to quit any other jobs and go full time as a coach.

Today I share a few of the main ways that I help my clients get back (at least) 1-2 hours per day.

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Do you want to launch your coaching business and land your first few high paying clients? Have you tried just about everything else but nothing has worked?

It's likely that you are missing the #1 thing that holds many coaches back from getting a foothold, what I refer to as "Nailing Your Niche". There are a few key decisions that need to be made BEFORE you go out and try to grow an audience, build funnels, run ads, or purchase any training program that helps you with marketing and sales.

To book a Niche Strategy session with me, email me at:
[email protected]

On the call we will clear up the exact thing that has held you back from getting clients!

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