Roadmap To Your First 12 Houses (The Continuation…)

So if you’ve been following along with the last few emails…

You can see that my mission is to get people into their first 12 rental properties..

(Which equals the average American income...but you don’t have to work!)

I’ve sent out the 12 Houses Spreadsheet, which shows you exactly how 12 houses can replace your income.

I’ve sent out the Roadmap To Your First 12 Houses, which outlines exactly the steps required to GET your first 12 houses. 

So what’s next???

Well, here’s the truth.

There’s a S#@$ load of other details that goes into doing this RIGHT.

That’s plain to see.

A mere spreadsheet and an outline aren’t going to get you 12 houses.

There’s many questions you’ll have along the way. 

That’s why I’ve designed a comprehensive, A to Z online course…

That literally walks you through EVERY STEP…

And includes personal contact with me and my team (coaching) for the questions that will inevitably come up. 

So that you can arrive at the finish line…

Having REPLACED your income with passive income…

So that you can take back control over your day….and your life. 

If you’d like to learn more about the program, you can do one of two things:

#1 - Register for our next live webclass, where I go over the product in much more detail, and show you where to join, or

#2 - Watch a replay of a past webclass, and see the product right away

The choice is yours. I just hope to see you inside of our program, so I can personally get your back and ensure that you achieve your goal.

I want you to have the freedom to live life on YOUR OWN TERMS.

See you inside!