Are You Overvaluing Money and Undervaluing Your Most Precious Asset?

Do you believe that mindset can make or break your success?

When you go listen to the big boys talk about personal development…

Tony Robbins….

Brendon Burchard…..

Brian Tracy……

They harp on it over and over and over and over. 

“Get the inside right and the outside takes care of itself”

“You are your own biggest obstacle to success”


It’s a little tough to hear, because it means that BIG change is required to get us out of where we are…

And to the place we want to be (in our lives).

We’d much rather hear about some tactics, some strategies.

A 7-step process that will lead us to wealth, success, and gratification. 

The problem is this…

If we don’t work on the mindset…

If we don’t “get the inside right” first…

We always fall short on whatever tactics or strategies we’ve been given.
We give up on step #2 of the 7 step process.

And we get no results.

Turns out, it wasn’t the process we needed after all. 

It was a shift in our mind.


Here’s one of the biggest mindset problems that I see people running into.

I see this one literally EVERY day.

People are valuing money more than they value TIME.

TIME is your most precious resource.

Time is the one thing you can never get more of.

(aside from some yoga and green smoothies to add a few years on the back end :) )

We only have a limited amount of time each day to work and get things done.

It’s like the power bar above the fighters on a video game.

(think Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter)

Your bar (which is your time, but also your energy) steadily depletes each day, as soon as the day begins. 

The way you USE that bar of time/energy directly correlates with the RESULTS YOU GET!

Yet I see so many people spending hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and in their emails.

Frantically checking their phones every time it dings.

Equally worse, I see people doing things they could outsource or delegate for literally 5-10 bucks.

You’d be really surprised how cheap you can get:

*Clothes delivered
*Groceries delivered
*Laundry/Dry Cleaning
*Grass cut
*Amazon subscriptions for all household items
*Housecleaning services
*Dog walking services (but don’t outsource this too much cuz you gotta be with your dog!)
*“Poop Scoop” services to pick up after your dog!
*Water delivery
*A virtual assistant to pay your bills, schedule flights/hotels, process email, etc.

Also, this doesn’t just apply to things at home.

No No No.

It often even more so applies to everything in your BUSINESS! 

All those $10/hour tasks you are doing rather than delegating!

I could go on...

All these things can be done for you for the equivalent of something like 5-10 dollars an hour.

So let me be VERY clear.

If you CHOOSE to do these things, rather than outsource them…

You are CHOOSING to save 5-10 dollars per item.

Which directly translates to…

Choosing to EARN 5-10 dollars per item/hour.

Does that make sense?

When you choose to save money by doing something yourself, you are essentially hopping in the shoes of the person you could have outsourced it to…

And doing their job…

For their pay.

Saving $10/hour is the same net result for your bank account as earning $10/hour.

It’s $10.

What if, instead of cutting the grass, you paid someone $30 to do it, and you spent that 1-2 hours finding your next house to buy…

One that would have $20,000 in equity after purchase + rehab?

Well, quite simply, you’d make $20,000 during that time frame, versus $30.

Please let that soak in for a second.

Can you see how silly it is to spend your time on menial things?

To be honest, it frustrates me to see good, intelligent, capable people doing this.

They are squashing their potential each day.


So please, people, wake up to the value of your time.

If you can do that, your results (and your life) will shift dramatically. 


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