Happy New Year (And A 3 Step Framework To Crush Your 2019 Goals…)


So I always think it’s hilarious how packed my gym gets in January. All these people with high hopes that “this will be the year” they actually stick to their goals.

We all know that most of them won’t. History has proven it.

But, there IS a way to make those goals SOLIDIFIED. So deeply emotionalized that there’s no possible way you will “fall off” like everyone else.

Danny and I did a Facebook Live on this recently…

Where we share the 3 step framework to CRUSH your 2019 goals.


(If you aren’t yet in our 12 Houses to Freedom FB group, you’ll need to join to see the video. Don’t worry, it’s free!)

Happy New Year!


P.S. - Something BIG is on the horizon (coming in late January) that you guys are gonna love...if you’ve ever wanted to work with us more closely, now is your chance to do that for pennies on the dollar. Stay tuned :)