Why Short Term Rentals Are The FUTURE Of Cashflow w/ J. Massey Of Cashflow Diary


J. Massey

Starting from nothing, J has built a multi-million dollar real estate business. He now trains students from around the world on the methods he uses to generate cashflow and raise millions in private capital.

His primary focus is now on creating his own hospitality businesses using only short-term rentals, and he currently controls 21 units that earn nearly a million dollars a year in income.

J is able to run his business on just three and half hours a day because of his advanced systems and automation. In 2016 he made his system available to his students and they are having success faster than with any method he's ever taught.

Creating Cashflow Diary in 2011, J follows one simple rule: to only train and produce material around the strategies he’s currently employing; his courses are some of the most highly reviewed in the industry.

In this episode…

In this episode, Brian interviews J. Massey, founder of Cashflow Diary and ultra-successful investor, educator, speaker, author, and coach!

J. shares why short-term rentals are a way to cashflow MUCH HIGHER than you do with traditional rentals. He also teaches one foundational success principle that he lives by. It blew me away and I can't stop thinking about how to apply it going forward.

What do you think about short term rentals?