What It Was Like To Spend 3 Days With Russell Brunson


What’s up everybody! So last month I went out to Boise, Idaho (first time in the state) to spend 3 days with Russell and his team at Clickfunnels.

If you don’t know who Russell is, he’s potentially the smartest marketer in the game at this moment. You’re truly missing out if you haven’t read his stuff.


The event was a high intensity marketing session. I learned so much amazing stuff.

One quote that Russell shared with us has really stuck with me.

It was from Joe Polish (I Love Marketing Podcast), who said:

“There’s no correlation between being good at your thing and getting paid. There’s a STRONG correlation between being good at MARKETING your thing and getting paid”

Think about guys like Grant Cardone.


He’s probably NOT the best sales trainer out there. But he’s so damn good at marketing himself that he blows all the other trainers out of the water.

He probably makes 1,000 times what they do every year selling his courses.Why? Because like him or not, he’s a great marketer.

Tai Lopez….same story.

So, how does this apply to your business?

How good are you at marketing?

How disciplined have you been about it?

Remember, the cost you can acquire leads at is EVERYTHING in ANY business.

“In any business, the one who can pay the most to acquire a customer wins”

Dan Kennedy

If you get leads cheaper than your competitors, you can afford to pay more to acquire them.

More leads equals more sales.

More sales equals more revenue.

End of story.

Each week, I teach a live Virtual Real Estate Investing Webclass where I show you how I get the majority of my leads, and do it for CHEAP.

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See you there!


Brian Ellwood

Brian Ellwood is an author, investor, and entrepreneur. Brian is passionate about helping others take what they love and make it into a real business that can make them money and give them the freedom they are after.