EPISODE 37 – The Keys to Crushing it With Your Direct Mail Campaign

Hey guys! On this episode, I will share what I’ve learned over the years about marketing.

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  • Why you need to exactly determine your target audience.
  • How to determine the area to buy properties.
  • Most expensive form of marketing in real estate.
  • Why it’s best to get into digital marketing.
  • What to do once you know the types of properties you want.
  • Why you should avoid spamming people.
  • Getting started and where the best lists and pieces are.
  • Why absentee owners are the easiest people to work with.
  • Why you need a process for following up with probable clients.
  • Who is a lead?
  • Why it’s powerful to figure out your cost to get a lead, your cost per deal, and your average profit per deal.
  • Best ratio to deal with.
  • Why getting people’s email addresses is powerful.
Brian Ellwood

Brian Ellwood is an author, investor, and entrepreneur. Brian is passionate about helping others take what they love and make it into a real business that can make them money and give them the freedom they are after.