Episode 12 – Make The Hard Stuff Easy

Today’s show is inspired by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin’s book: The Prosperous Coach. Most business people hate the process of getting clients. So, on this episode, I talk about why it’s important to make that process fun and enjoyable and ways on how to do it in your business.


  • How to make getting clients easy.
  • Why the process of getting clients and the process of serving clients is the same thing.
  • How to make the process of making clients enjoyable.
  • Why starting a podcast, socializing or blogging could be incredibly beneficial to your business.
  • Why you need to really love the marketing and sales part of your business.

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Brian Ellwood

Brian Ellwood is an author, investor, and entrepreneur. Brian is passionate about helping others take what they love and make it into a real business that can make them money and give them the freedom they are after.